Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014 Cons. Where Are We Going To Be?

A new year brings new plans and FFC isn't slowing down.  This year we have plans on attending some of our old staples as well as expanding to new locations.  As part of our plan we're starting to expand into the Midwest and Northeast.  And we haven't forgotten the West Coast, though we're still developing in that area.

This is a list of the cons we have planned so far.  Some of these haven't been confirmed but we have either submitted an application or are planning to do so.  As the year goes on this list may change as we either eliminate or add a con.  

Remember that the cons we officially attend are based on multiple factors.  With limited staff and even more limited money (all travel costs come out of the pockets of the staff attending...there are no FFC funds for travel to cons) we have to be picky about the cons we choose and tend to be at ones that we can reach the broadest audience.  Nothing against small cons (we love them too!), but we can't hit all of them.  We also have the con rules to consider, as some of them don't allow fan groups or for one reason or another don't give us approval to attend.  And of course we want to have fun while ministering, so staff pick cons that they can relate to and enjoy.

How can you help out?  Mostly we need prayer and volunteers.  The table doesn't staff itself and the more people who help out the more time everyone can have to enjoy the event and activities.  Since we are doing God's work and spreading the Gospel we often face barriers, so prayer warriors are certainly needed.  For our marketing and web needs we always take donations, primarily through PayPal (  And there's always the FFC Web Store!

So here's the list.....
SCARAB--January 17-20, Columbia, SC.  Confirmed
Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con--Feb 7-9, New Orleans, LA.  Uncomfirmed
Anachrocon--Feb 14-16, Atlanta, GA.  Confirmed
Pensacon--Feb 21-23, Pensacola, FL.  Confirmed
ConNooga--Feb 21-23, Chattanooga, TN.  Confirmed
CoastCon--Mar 7-9, Biloxi, MS.  Confirmed
MACE West--Mar 21-23, Ashville, NC.  Confirmed
Awesome Con--Apr 18-20, Washington, DC.  Confirmed
ConCarolinas--May 30-June 1, Charlotte, NC.  Confirmed
Origins--June 11-15, Columbus, OH.  In association with Christian Gamer's Guild.  Confirmed
ConGregate--July 11-13, Winston-Salem, NC.  Confirmed
GenCon--Aug 14-17, Indianapolis, IN.  In association with Christian Gamer's Guild.  Confirmed
Dragon*Con--Aug 29-Sep 1, Atlanta, GA.  Application pending.
Cincinnati Comic Expo--Sep 19-21, Cincinnati, OH.  Applied, awaiting reply
MACE--Nov 7-9, Charlotte, NC.  Confirmed

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