1. To provide a community for Christians who are fans of all kinds to be together. 

We have been alone too long! There are many of us fans out there who feel different because we are what we are. Some call us freaks, weirdoes, geeks, nerds, whatever. FFC is here for all of you to talk with your brothers and sisters who are Christians and share your freakiness. We hope to not only provide an online community, but have gatherings at conventions and other places. You are welcome here to be as freaky and geeky as you like, within the bounds of net etiquette and good taste.

2. To give encouragement, support and love to each other.

Together we can pray for each other. We can help each other through our hard times. The Christian Fan is a rare bird, and we have our unique problems that we can all relate to. In community, together, we will have a strong place of support for our members to call home.

3. To show the world and other Christians that what we are and what we do is part of our freedom in Christ.

How many of us have been told that what we do isn’t Christian? Perhaps we have merely been treated differently for what we do. FFC is here to help show that our fan lifestyle is perfectly acceptable to Jesus. We hope to help our FFC members be able to explain clearly to others that the Bible does not condemn what we do, that we know that fiction is fiction, and that God has made us different and it is wonderful.

4. To identify ‘fan friendly’ churches and places of worship.

Our members that know of good places for Christian services will help us make a list. We hope to have a list of churches all across the USA that are what we would call ‘fan friendly.’ I suppose fan friendly would be best defined is they don’t mind our eccentricities and give us our freedom to be different. Importantly, they don’t condemn us. For instance, there are a few churches that a group of Christian goths go to. They can go to service dressed in goth and its cool.

5. To provide a presence for Jesus at conventions and gather together.

Many of us go to conventions and they are a lot of fun. They also provide us with a chance to gather together, especially since usually they go through Sunday. FFC plans to have Sunday ‘Christian Fan’ services so we don’t even have to leave the convention to worship. Also FFC wants to be at the conventions to let people know we are around, we are Christians that say its ok to be a fan. Let’s show other fans that we accept and love them, and share with them about how awesome Jesus is.

What we are not.

6. We are not a place to argue or fight about pet beliefs, or to fight with Christians who condemn us.

FFC is a place where we all are here to be in community, not disunity. If you want to start a fight, go somewhere else. There are plenty of boards for it. If you aren’t a Christian, you can hang with us, but we are not here to argue with you either, this is a site for Christian fans. If you seek to learn about us, great. If you want to ‘save’ us from our ‘evil’ ways, then you don’t belong here. We are what we are. FFC members are expected to treat each other with respect and if we disagree, than that is fine. Please feel free to ‘agree to disagree’ instead of arguing.

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